Beyond Dog Training with Suzanne Dubnicka

Coaching owners of herding breeds on raising behaviorally-flexible & resilient dogs who thrive in the modern world while keeping it simple and just a little bit weird.

Herding Breed Behavior Specialist

Does your herding dog

  • chase cars, bikes, skateboards, runners, and other fast-moving objects or animals?
  • try to control family members or pets?
  • bark at all the things?
  • ignore you when you call them?
  • nip at the feet or legs of people or animals?
  • use aggressive displays to protect family, territory, or toys?
  • bark or lunge at visitors every time they move?
  • refuse to chill out when you need to work or want to watch Netflix?

I can help!

border collie with ears up and mouth open
needy herding dog

Suzanne Dubnicka


I am a dog nerd. And I want you and your herding dog to live your best lives together. Trust me when I say that I know how hard that can be. But I know how to make it a hell of a lot easier!

I didn’t start my professional dog training career intending on working with herding dogs. But I am all in now. Herding dogs kind of do that to you. You can read more about how I got started here.

As a dog nerd, I learn all I can about dog training and behavior, and about herding dogs in particular, and I apply what I learn. Then I use this wealth of knowledge and experience to solve your herding dog’s behavioral challenges. I also hold a doctoral degree in statistics from The Pennsylvania State University which tells you that I am willing to dig deep to solve those challenges in the best way possible.

Less formally, I enjoy reading, knitting, running, and helping my own dogs live their best lives!

Specialized Dog Training for Herding Breed Dogs… Anywhere in the World!

Herding dogs are pretty amazing. They are eager sidekicks. Intelligent and active. Keenly aware of their environments. They thrive on routine, rules, work, and games.

These same traits can also make life in the modern world quite challenging for herding dogs.

Working with a dog training coach who specializes in these special dogs (like me!) will help you to better understand your herding dog and avoid some of the common problems that they have in our modern, (sub)urban world.

Check out the services I offer below. And while you’re deciding, get to know me and how I work with my Free Tips for Herding Dog Owners.

Herding Hooligans

Is your herding dog is frantic about chasing cars, obsessive about controlling the movement of every living thing, or obnoxious about barking & lunging at bikes or kids? Then my Herding Hooligans Program is for you. A herding hooligan is what I call a herding breed dog who misdirects herding dog behavior. During this 6-month program, your herding hooligan will be transformed into the dog who is attentive and engaged regardless of what is going on around them.

1-1 Coaching

Need help with your herding dog? Or did you get your first herding breed and want to make sure you do things right? Then 1-1 Coaching might be for you. I work with herding breeds of any age, but I have a soft spot for adolescent herders. Just like humans, “teenage” dogs (approximately 6 months old until 2-3 years old) can be tough. This is the age at which the shit hits the fan, so to speak. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, go check out your options!

In short, Suzanne gave me my dog back!

My Shadow first met Suzanne when she was a 10 week old pup. From her first day in puppy class, through adolescent class and into foundations, Shadow grew from the shy border collie that wouldn’t move from underneath my feet into a confident dog who was eager to try new things, and Suzanne was right there to guide her on her journey.

Sadly, at just 9 months of age, Shadow suffered a torn ligament in her hind leg which meant surgery and a long period of cage rest and rehabilitation. Lucky for us, Suzanne was ready with tricks and brain games to keep Shadow busy while she recovered.

When Shadow was physically ready to attend group classes again she was reactive to dogs and most other humans. That lead to private behavior adjustment therapy lessons on the cold Kansas prairie in February. Before long, it was spring and Shadow trusted human’s again. By summer’s end, Shadow was back in group classes!

It was sad to see Suzanne move so far away. Kansas’ loss is Oregon’s gain. I think of Suzanne every time Shadow crosses a new milestone. (Shadow just rocked a recall class so well that I can let her off leash to chase a frisbee with her sister!)

I like to joke that I’m leaving Shadow to Suzanne in my will.


Are you an engaged owner who’s committed to making big progress with your herding dog’s training? I might just be the dog training coach for you!