1-1 Coaching

Private Lessons... Anywhere in the World

Can 1-1 Coaching Help You?

I specialize in herding breeds with big feelings. Specifically, I love creating solutions for dogs who bark, lunge, growl, or scream first and ask questions later. My super power is breaking big goals into a series of simple and effective steps.

1-1 Coaching is done on a monthly basis. You choose how many private lesson sessions you want per month. In addition, all packages include support between sessions. You can find the different package options in the table below. If you’re not sure which package you need, let’s talk about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about 1-1 Coaching, schedule a free coaching call by clicking the link below. We will discuss what’s going on with your dog and get all your questions about working with me answered. Also, I work with a limited number of 1-1 Coaching clients at a time, and there may be a wait for this service.

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Just because dogs have been domesticated doesn’t mean they automatically know how to perfectly adapt to our 21st century urban human world. — Allie Bender & Emily Strong, Canine Enrichment for the Real World

You love your herding dog for being

  • Your Tireless Sidekick. Ready for action and adventure whenever you show the slightest interest, as long as you can do it together.
  • A Keen Observer. Always aware of their surroundings as well as your emotions and actions.
  • Dependable & Responsible. Following rules and routines, whether for work or play, with amazing consistency.

And at the Same Time

Your herding dog is challenging for being

  • Somewhat Co-dependent. Never leaving your side even when you’re just going to the bathroom.
  • A Control Freak. Establishing law and enforcing order with all beings in their surroundings.
  • A Workaholic. With a demanding workload and the physical & mental ambition to match.

Pricing for 1-1 Coaching

Details & Comparison

  • For the Mini and Standard packages, you can choose any combination of virtual & in-person private lessons.
  • For the Intensive package, you can also choose a combination of virtual & in-person private lessons with a maximum of 5 lessons in-person.
  • The Check-Ins package is for those who have completed at least one month of 1-1 Coaching (Mini, Standard, or Intensive). 
  • All private lessons must be used within 40 days of purchase. No refunds are provided for unused lessons.
  • The purpose of the private Facebook grous is to give you support in between our lessons. You can ask questions, post videos for my review, and more. I check the group & respond twice per day on weekdays. 
  • Discounts are offered for purchasing 2 or more months of 1-1 Coaching at one time. Any combination of packages may be used to achieve this discount.


If you’re struggling with a dog who chases cars, barks & lunges at runners and bikes, or spins out of control when other dogs are playing, then you should check out my Herding Hooligans program. Not only is it effective, but it will also save you money. And who doesn’t like saving money?

Are you ready?

If you’re an engaged owner who’s committed to making this happen for your herding dog, then I might just be the dog training coach for you! Ready to jump in with both feet? Schedule a 90-minute Initial Consultation. Not sure? Let’s schedule a brief chat so you can get your questions answered. No pressure. I cannot wait to meet you!

In the meantime, don’t forget to get on my email list to get training tips, behavior bits, and random ramblings about herding dogs. (I like alliteration.)

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