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This course for anyone looking to get into the sport of disc dog! Looking to improve your overall foundations with your disc dog? Or build up amazing foundations with a new dog? Then this in-person group course is a great learning opportunity for you! 

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Choosing a dog-safe disc.
  • Education about different disc dog competition formats.
  • Throwing a disc: air toss and rollers.
  • Getting your dog to catch.
  • Building drive and engagement.
  • Bite work with discs.
  • Sending dog around you.
  • Foundations of retrieving disc to hand.

No prior disc experience is necessary. Since dogs will be working primarily off-leash, a decent recall or use of a long-line is needed. 

Also, to keep this class friendly for all dogs, even those who are reactive to other dogs, your dog should be able to hang out relatively quietly in a covered crate or in your car while other dogs work. 

Any questions? Please email me at

Class Details


Active Participant (with dog): $200
Auditor (without dog): $100


6 weekly classes, one hour each.
No dogs in first week to focus on handler skills.


Class sessions will be offered based on interest. A waitlist form will be posted below when day/time options are available.


Class will be held on fully-fenced private property in Philomath. Address will be sent to those enrolled.



To foster a safe and inclusive learning environment, class will be limited to 4-5 active participants per session.


Suzanne Dubnicka, Ph.D, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB, FDM, is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant and an UpDog judge. She competes in disc dog with her border collie Wish, and she is introducing her Australian koolie Keen to the sport as well.

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Registration is not confirmed until payment is made. A payment link will be sent to everyone who completes this form once a session is confirmed with at least 3 active participants. However, registration is limited to 5 active participants and 5 auditors. If you are not able to register before the class fills, you will be notified of the next available class.

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