Corvallis Disc Dogs

Humans slinging plastic discs for their dogs to catch

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My border collie Wish and I have been competing in disc dog for a few years now. In particular, we have competed in both K9 Frishbee Toss & Fetch and UpDog Challenge.

We have a blast, and I want to get a club started in Corvallis. In addition, I am considering offering a beginner disc dog course so that you and your dog can start learning the fundamentals.

To offer classes & competitions and to justify the potential cost to rent a field, I need to determine if enough people are interested in one or more of the following: classes, practices, competitions. If this sounds like fun to you, please fill out the form and let me know!

Finding a good field at a reasonable cost has been a challenge. The field size is 20 yds by 50 yds. League rules require at least a 5 yd (preferably 10 yd) buffer all the way around. The field needs to be relatively flat and free of ruts & holes. And most of all, it needs to be dog-friendly. If you know of such a space, please contact me at


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border collie catching frisbee
border collie with frisbee in mouth after catching
border collie chasing frisbee
person holding frisbee dressed as pirate with border collie watching