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3 Ways to Combat the Stress of Living with an Adolescent Herding Dog

Does it feel like all the work you’ve done with your puppy went out the window when they became a teenager? Like does he even know he name anymore? And why does she hate her harness and getting her nails trimmed SO MUCH now?

If you’re answering “YES!!!” to any of these questions, then this webinar is for you.

You’ve missed the live webinar, but you can sign up here to get access to the recording!

Calm the F#&k Down!

Wait! Come back! I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to my herding dog… in my head.

I don’t actually talk to my dogs that way, but I will admit that I sometimes think it. When I first got my border collie and was working from home, I realized that he wasn’t going to settle as naturally as my other non-herding-breed dogs. He wanted to do things with me. All. The. Time.

I put a plan in place. And then tweaked it a bit. Then a little bit more. Now, I’m making that plan available to you in my Off-Duty Time routine.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Life with Your Herding Dog

You have a herding breed dog, eh? Herding breeds thrive in rural settings where they can move livestock. Many of us cannot provide that environment for our dogs on a regular basis because we live in more surburban neighborhoods. And it can be hard. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to run a marathon in ice skates.

Ok, it’s not really that bad. But living with a herding breed dog in surburbia can be a challenge for your dog and therefore not so easy for you. That’s why I put together my top 5 tips for herding dogs in the modern world. Get life with your dog off on the right foot, or back on track, by watching my video.

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Save Your Feet

Do you have a young herding dog (puppy or adolescent) who attacks your feet whenever you’re walking? Or moving? Or sometimes when you’re not moving? First, it’s pretty normal. Second, that doesn’t mean you want it to continue.

This free guide provides techniques for eliminating the feet-nipping behavior from your herding dog’s repertoire.