Herding Hooligans

From Over-reactive & Controlling to Calm & Composed
border collie standing on tree stump

Your herding breed dog can learn how to get a grip on those misplaced herding impulses!

Imagine your herding breed dog:

  • observing traffic calmly rather than chasing cars
  • watching exciting activities (like agility) quietly rather than barking & lunging
  • chilling out on their bed while you are entertaining guests or watching TV
  • greeting humans politely rather than barking at them
  • coming to you when you call rather than ignoring you 
  • interacting appropriately with other dogs rather than controlling them

Herding Hooligans is about so much more than stopping your dog from chasing cars or herding anything else that moves. It’s about creating a calm dog that you’re proud show off to your neighbors! And having help and support every step of the way.

Change cannot be put on people. The best way to instill change is to do it with them. Create it with them. — Lisa Bodell 

Benefits of joining Herding Hooligans

Learn at Home

Learn in a quiet, relaxing space without distractions, including me. You learn from me, but your dog learns from you, not from me. That means your dog learns to focus on you!

6 Months of Support

Learn not only basic skills but build on those skills for real life. Get guidance & support throughout your dog’s training. That means what your dog learns is integrated into your life!

Proven Methods

Get to the bottom of your dog’s misdirected herding behaviors once and for all in a program that works. No more cobbling together group classes & private lessons. That means you’ll save money!

Online Lessons

Learn new concepts online at any time of day at your own pace. Revisit lessons as often as needed so that you and your dog grasp every skill, ensuring that all this training sticks!

Individualized Sessions

Book 1-1 virtual training sessions with me. Get feedback & support specific to you, your dog, and your life. That means no part of your dog’s training is overlooked!

In-Person Training

Option to train in-person with me in a group setting. Get real-time feedback in real-life situations with others in the program. This is where you see all the progress that you’re making!


Live Group Chats

Get questions answered each week during virtual group meetings. Live training demonstrations & review of skills you’re working on. This ensures that you continue to make progress toward your goals!

Online Community

Reach out for help day or night. Share wins, support each other, tell a few jokes if you want. Post videos for feedback & troubleshooting on your training. Support is always available to you! 

No more chasing cars, herding kids, controlling other dogs. Are you ready?

If you’re an engaged owner who’s committed to making this happen for your herding dog, then I might just be the dog training coach for you! Let’s schedule a time to chat so you can get your questions answered and I can get to know you. No pressure. I cannot wait to meet you!

In the meantime, don’t forget to get on my email list to get training tips, behavior bits, and random ramblings about herding dogs. (I like alliteration.)

needy herding dog

Car chasing not a problem? Awesome! I also offer private lessons (in person in Corvallis, OR, or virtual anywhere).